Notes writing

It is the easiest job available in the industry. Only you have to do is prepare hand written notes. You do not have to write your own. We will send you the books via courier and all you have to do is to see the underlined text or the guidelines and write then according to the instruction.
Books with underlined text will be given to you. You have to write the underlined text on a sheet of A4 size paper with blue pen. Heading with black ink and subheading with green ink.

Basic plan

Payment : Rs. 50/page . 600 pages you have to complete for one assignment. After registeration at least 5 days will take to allot the work. Only 10th class, its equivalent or higher educated candidates can join this job.

Only one assignment per month.

Advance plan :

Payment : Rs. 150/page
100% Advance payment will be made from the second assignment.

300 pages you have to complete for one assignment. After registeration at least 5 days will take to allot the work. Only 10th class, its equivalent or higher educated candidates can join this job.

Can take more than one assignment in a month completing one after another.

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    1. Sharda

      I want to join but before that i want to know why registration charges as we are doing ur work and how much it is?…..gv details….

  1. B.N.Ramanuja

    I am retired person, looking for jobs to work from home. I saw your advertisement in to days 12/06/2013 Bangalore mirror. Please mail me the details of the job.

    1. Arnob Biswas

      I am a meritorious student reading in university. I eager to do this job because I have need so much money for my education.

  2. nirzari

    hey this is nirzari here, went through ur add at internet, found it interesting, plz send me registration formalities. I wud like to ask u if the script is to be handwritten or on pc

  3. nahida

    I am nahida . pursuing graduation an
    d i am interested in this job and i am from Bangalore please provide me the further details please

    1. notesw Post author

      Number is unreachable because we get continuous calls. So in order to contact us on phone you need to call us continuously.
      Apart from calling, you can send mail to the given email id.

      1. uzma

        I am eager to join.. kindly assit me in joining this job.. i am in need of a home based job.. i can write well in cursive.. plz give a positive feedback.. m waiting..

  4. sunita dattaprasad kulkarni

    I am interested in this job.It is my favourite hobby. As i am a house-wife i am sure that i can easily complete one assinment within 1 month. So please give me the details of your registration as well as the whole procedure as early as possible.

  5. Tehzeed Khan

    I am keenly interested to have your task completed I am searching for job like this as I am housewife and I am commerce graduate from mumbai university but I am married in orissa so currently I am located in orissa waiting for your reply

  6. simon

    I also want to join. I m graduate, and my writing speed is good u can trust me.. plze send me details

    I hope u will help me
    Thanks in advance

  7. Vanika

    I m MCA and Housewife. I would love to do this job in leisure. Please provide me all the details about job and registration process to proceed further.

  8. anandrajan balaswamy

    i am interested in doing your job.please send me all your details.
    july 5,2013 at 2.55 pm

  9. Ekta

    Hi, I am interested in this job.please send me the registration procedure and other relevant details about the job. Thanks..

  10. Anuj

    Hi I have express to interest in this job. Kindly give me the further details, so i can start the work as soon as possible..

  11. v.s.mathi

    I am a housewife & i was completed UG .I am interesting 2 work this job.So i want more details about this job. Pls sent me

  12. Dhyana

    I am looking out for this job & very interested in continuing this job in the future. the previous message that I sent I made a mistake on my email id. Please accept this comment and send me details Asap pls

  13. megha


    I am megha shetty from mumbai.I am intersted in this job.I would like to know the procedure for advance plan.

  14. megha shetty


    I am megha shetty..I am intersted in the part time job.I would like to know the details for enrollment

  15. S.Nandini

    hello sir, I am nandini completed, i am a housewife, i am bored sitting at home without any knowledge just by watching Tv & decorating home, i want to gain something & i have to prove my family that even i can do something rather than taking care of household works.
    If it is handwriting work, then absolutely i am fit for it, because i like to write more than working in system, send me the full details.

  16. chetan

    Hii…i m chetan i want this job…i have no any job…i want to do this job…pls give me the more details.

  17. Sunil

    Is their any charges for registeration?
    What are the steps for registeration ?
    What is your mode of payment?

  18. reevanshi

    hey reevanshi is here, i want to this job……….. please send me further details i am in 1st year can i do this job?

  19. sakshi

    I am a house wife from delhi . i have done software engineering.i have a good hand writing with good speed . I am interested in the particular job… please send me the details

  20. purnima chandriani

    Please send me the details.I have been a teacher for the last 15 years.Now i want to work from home

  21. Mamta Thakker

    hi i am intrested but would like to know wether the text can be written in running handwriting as i have seen your samples & do i have to pay for this job? & would also like to know how do i get the material and after finishing how do i send it to you. As i am located in thane (maharashtra).

  22. malvika saraf

    Can you please give me the details for this job?? any contact number…do you have targets or not for completing the pages??? And is there any advance payment???

  23. Mazhar Mulla

    Interested in the work, could please provide more details with regards to work allotment, payment, if any investment or fees is required for registration and how and where do we submit the work

  24. sanjukta padhi

    I am a housewife, Previously working as a teacher.I am very much interested in this job.Please send me all the details to my mail id.

  25. vijayan.s

    I would like work part time job so pls send to me the details and I have completed physics in pachaiyapas college

    1. Gayathri

      Details and registration procedure were not given. How i proceed further. No phone number no address …..

  26. jishma kuruchy

    Hi i m interested to know about how much the plans cost and how i can join…please send me the details….

  27. Bijal shah


    I have gone through your site and am very much interested in the said job . I have a work experiance of about 5 yrs with banking and finance. I have masters degree in finance and additional Diploma in finance from Auckland University New Zealand.
    I am very much in need of the above job and can master in it.

    Awaiting your reply.


  28. Anupama tripathi

    I need a job so I want to do this job with you. If possible please give me the job. I complete my graduatation in2003 from commerse steem. After that I’m doing a job after 2010 I stay at home bcoz I had I son & my financial conditions is not good so I need a job. Is a humble request to give me a job. Thanks

  29. Gayathri s

    I have completed my degree . I am currently free at home and I am interested in this offer .Kindly reply back regarding the registration.

  30. Cynthia Lakhina

    I have done my BA – Eng hon’s and MBA mkt, I was working before but now I am stay at home mum. I would like to take up this writing job, could use the spare time I have when the kids go to school. I would appreciate if u can send me the details.

  31. hiral purohit

    i want this job …please send me whole details and registration procedure..and where it locates

  32. Arjun Solanki

    I want to do the job. I have an art of good handwriting. Please tell me what exactly I have to do.

  33. Nilanjana Ghosh

    I am a soft skills trained doing assignments on freelance basis.i would like to pick up this assignment during my free time. Please send me details.

  34. supriya goel

    Hi I would like to know more about this job n also would like to join so do provide me with the details n registration procedure.

  35. shovan talukdar

    what is the procedures for joining work from home .please let me information details about this.

  36. khushbu

    Hello sir, I am interested in this job currently I am a student of ty. But I ensure you that il complete hw work in thw given period of time


    Hi I am interested in this job kindly send me the registration details via mail
    Hemapriya D

  38. garima sehgal

    I am 10+ 2 n i would like to do this job……
    Please let me know the procedure to apply for the job….your contact no. is not reachable…..rply on my email id

  39. Pallavi Aggarwal


    I am interested in doing the note writing work.My age is 20 year and passed 10+2 .kindly allot me the work with terms and condition,Regarding registration, time limit per assignment, mode of payment. Kindly mail me.


  40. Mamatha

    I am a post graduate in English literature. i am very much interested in doing this job. please send me the details like how to register etc. for which i will be thankful to you.

  41. tejaswi bhagat

    from where we have to collect that assingment n is they gave assurity of payment.i m in.terested plz send me details i m graduate person

  42. Soumee

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I saw your advertisement on Mumbai Mirror . I am very eager to join the process and really need this job.
    Kindly mail me the procedure required for the registration.
    Many Thanks in advance,

  43. Abhishek d

    Hello..i am interested and do suffice the eligibility..please send me the details on the mail id provided in this enquiry template.

  44. Piyush

    Hi Sir, I’m Piyush Sethi, i need this job, i’m pursuing MCA through I.P. university. I feel i can very handle this job of notes making, kindly contact me through my email id.
    I’m eager to do this job, kindly mail me its details.

  45. sangeetha

    i want to join advance plan but let me know the procedure completely nd any fees for joining or registering ??

  46. John Cruise

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  47. Ms. Tanvi Billimoria

    I am really interested in his job , if you can kindly send me the details of how to apply & where.

    As i am free so i want to utilize my free time.

    Thanks & regards,
    Ms.Tanvi Billimoria

  48. eshika adnani

    I am interested in this job. kindly let me know the further details of the assignment

    waiting for the reply

  49. vvn lalithakumari

    hi, kindly let me know the details about your work and i am interesting to do this job from my home,thank you,

  50. opika

    i just complete my msc with c.s. and i’m interested in this job, so kindly let me know all details……. thaks.

  51. Pallvee Singh

    Hi I am a post graduate in Engineering , kindly please tell me the detail in reference to the notes writing job, I need t apply for the same.

  52. priya kunnath

    Hai i am priya,am a postgratuate,residing in delhi.I would like to know more about this job and like to do this,but i do know how and where should i register and what r the the procedures for this.Please email to me about this.

  53. durlav

    i have just done my+2 and i am in need of money for further studies so i would like to join, please reply me soon with all the details on how to join and start working

  54. shaistha khan

    hello sir,
    I am interested to do this job please send me the work details and registration form i want to join it today itself thanks.

  55. sowmya arun

    i am sowmya,I saw in pune mirrior paper dt 20/.09/13.
    I want to join, pls send the details in my email id. have you any branch anywhere(pune).

    thank you

  56. Gauri

    Please send me the details about which way I have to send u the completed assignment
    and by which way u will send the payment. Please contact me asap.

  57. Nesha

    When is the payment done? For this work is there any investment if so inform..wanted to do this work if it is without basically a student want to earn money.

  58. nisha thakkar

    Hii I m really interested to do this job. Kindly send me the details. How to register for this and are there any registration fees?

  59. Cynthia lakhina

    Hi! I use to work but since I have two little children I had to give up my job. The work that is offered seems perfect for me at this point of time. So I am definitely looking forward to it. I would appritiate if you get back to for the same

  60. manish mittal

    i’m very much interested in this job and i’m qualified for this job. so, kindly please inform me the registration procedure through

    i “ll be waiting for ur reply.

  61. manish mittal

    i’m very much interested in this job and i’m qualified for this job. so, kindly please inform me the registration procedure through my contact no.

  62. Vasanthy P.S

    I am very interested to write notes. I am a BSc graduate (passed in 1993), house wife. If u provide the details and contact numbers I am grateful to you.

  63. sakshi

    Sir i am intrested to do this work..kindly send me the procedure..and also tell that if there is any registration fees or not? Reply as soon as posible

  64. Sushma

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    My name is Sushma, i woud like to take this work of writing the notes request you to please advise me how to get register and start my work please do contact me or inform me by mail.

    Thanks & Best Regards,


  65. deeksha

    hi, my name is deeksha.i m interested in this job.i wud like to know more abt this profile and the mode of payment.

  66. nazreen

    Hi this is nazreen. I am interested to do this job. My hand writing is good and I will present the assignment in a neat manner.


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