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Application Form

You can download application form.

Read the form regarding registration and your payout option.



Microsoft Word Format

Application Form Word file
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PDF Format

Application Form PDF File
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@How to register ?

To register, download application form. Read it carefully.

There are two plans

    • 300+ A4 pages to write. (not book pages, your written pages are counted.). Extra payment will be given if you write more.
    • More than one handwriting allowed.
    • Unlimited assignments per month.
    • Rs. 150/page is paid to you.
    • Time extension will be granted if you are unable to complete the job within stipulated time. You must intimate us 5-7 days prior to submission date. Neither too early, nor too late.



  • 600 A4 pages to write. (not book pages, your written pages are counted.). No extra payment if you write more.
  • Only one handwriting allowed.
  • Only one assignment per month
  • Rs. 50/page is paid to you.
  • No time extension

Total time period given to submit the job : 25 Days.

Payment : Payment will be made within 2-3 days (for regular members.) For new members it may vary and as per your choice as filled in application form .

How to submit the form :

By email : Download the form, fill it and submit it to

Very fast process. Take 1-2 days only.


Legal agreement paper on Rs. 50 or Rs. 100 stamp will be sent to you with the project. Project will be dispatched within 2 days after we receive your completed application form.

Min. accuracy required : 60%

For more details download application form and read it carefully.


186 thoughts on “Application Form”

  1. Mythili says:

    hi, i have gone through the application form… i have few doubts.. you have not seen my handwriting and if you did not like my handwriting after i finished my first month of work then what about the payment and refund?? will i have to pay fee for every month i work or get started once and go on working till i quit?? please do answer this.. i am quit serious about this job and would be grateful if you do the needful. 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Any readable handwriting works. The work does not require very good handwriting.

      1. P. Rani says:

        Will you send the notes to my home or we have to come to the office?

  2. S.NACHIAMMAL says:

    i want to do this job

    1. S.NACHIAMMAL says:

      pls reply immediately

      1. admin says:

        download application form. read the procedure to join.

        1. Shilpa says:

          Where is the application???
          Where should i download??

        2. raj says:

          sir tell me what we writing on page and you want hindi page also tell me

  3. Radhasumalathaj says:

    Please send writing notes details.

  4. Roopali says:

    I have a few questions-

    How many words per page?
    What kind of paper?
    will the paper be supplied by you?
    Who will bare the courier charges?
    1 page =2 sides?
    How much do we get paid per page?
    Is the registration fees refundable?

    1. admin says:

      How many words per page?- Not restricted.

      What kind of paper? A4
      will the paper be supplied by you? No
      Who will bare the courier charges? It will be refunded with your payment.
      1 page =2 sides?-no, one side of the paper is called a page. Take any book and count the pages. Its universal.
      How much do we get paid per page?-details is in the application form and site. Don’t be lazy.
      Is the registration fees refundable? – Read application form.

  5. sujatha says:

    please send details of terms and conditions and registration fees for notes writing job. I would also like to know if the fee can be paid in instalments as I am not working at present.

    1. admin says:

      Download application form for such details. No installments.

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