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To enroll you must download application form.

Read the form regarding registration and your payout option.

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@How to register ?

To register, download application form. Read it carefully.


    • Around 400 A4 pages to write. (not book pages, your written pages are counted.). Extra payment will be given if you write more.
    • More than one handwriting allowed.
    • Unlimited assignments per month.
    • Rs. 150/page is paid to you.
    • Time extension will be granted if you are unable to complete the job within stipulated time. You must intimate us 5-7 days prior to submission date. Neither too early, nor too late.


Total time period given to submit the job : 25 Days. (20 Days for work+5 Days for courier handling)

Payment : Payment will be made within 7 working days. Time may vary as per mode of payment chosen in application form. If you want quick payment you must choose IMPS option.

How to fill up form?

You can fill up form either online or offline.

If you want fill up form online click here

For other method of filling up the form step-by-step guidelines are given in the form. So you must download the form and read.

How to submit the form (offline) ?

By email : Download the form, fill it and submit it to

More details regarding requirement you can find in application form.

Note :

Project will be dispatched within 7-10 working days after we receive your complete application form.
All related guidelines will be sent with the project.

Min. accuracy required : 60% to get full payment.

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    Iam a degree student iam very interested to do this job because of writing is my fashion

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    Sach m ye job h aur meerut m iska office kha h kya aap apna address aur mobile number de sakte h

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    Can anyone contact me on my id

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