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Important Updates

Covid19 crisis:

Due to non-availability of courier services Projects of all new registrants will be dispatched as per queue after lockdown period is over.

Registration is open and you can join even during this period.

Holiday Memo:


Office will remain closed from 16th Oct. ’20 till 26th Oct. ’20 for ‘NAVRATRI‘.

Registration will be opened and you can even join during this period. Call facility won’t be available. Support on email and Whats’app can be availed.

Visitor :

Please go through the web content of all the pages carefully. All details regarding job, joining, payment and work are given. Please do not ask about details either in mail, phone call or in comment. Apart from these if you have any query, you can ask.

To do this simply leave your comment in the comment box of that specific page. Reply will be given within 3 business days. Most replies are given directly to your email id, so don’t forget to fill your correct email id. Also please download application form. It will solve almost all your doubts.

New Member :

Many newly joined members have habit of confirming the instruction given with project over phone. Please keep in mind that all the instructions sent with the project are accurate and to be thoroughly followed.
Please don’t waste yours precious time and ours too, confirming it over phone.
However if you do not understand anything you can solve your query over phone or by sending mail to [email protected]


Please subscribe only once with one email id. You will get all the updates. If you want to subscribe more than once use different email id. Many visitors are subscribing with same email id on each and every page. Its useless.
If you want to add pages to your RSS or any other reader then you can also subscribe to the box given right most at the bottom.


  1. , Important Updates,,

    Hi. Good morning.
    I am jalaja patil. I am interested for notes writing work. Can you please contact me. I just have quries to clarify. Thank you

  2. , Important Updates,,

    How many pages in one project..

  3. , Important Updates,,

    Is the payment supposed to be counted as ₹150*400 or with deduction of cst and gst?.

  4. , Important Updates,,

    what is the total salary for a project? where we deposit our security amount?

  5. , Important Updates,,

    After one project is going on.. and after its completion and submision war if a person has to go out of town for some days .. den how to temporary stop the next assignment work… n after returning how 2 again start the note writing project again.. do v again n again hav 2 register or wats d procedure… kindly reply asap

    • , Important Updates,,

      Hi, yes I have already done this writting job….

  6. , Important Updates,,


  7. , Important Updates,,

    Hi I am interested in this job.

  8. , Important Updates,,

    Is there any specific instruction for minimum numbers of words count per page writing?

  9. , Important Updates,,

    How much security deposit should be submit

  10. , Important Updates,,

    I am interested in habd writing work. Is there any regn. fee? How will I got the work and where I have to submit the work.

  11. , Important Updates,,

    I am interested this hand written work please send the work copy to forward my email address.

  12. , Important Updates,,

    Nithya: I want to join the handwriting work.

    • , Important Updates,,

      Where is the registration form?

  13. , Important Updates,,

    will we have to deposit any ammount as security?

  14. , Important Updates,,

    I need this I want idea for how to apply for easy.and how to get qk payment

  15. , Important Updates,,

    I want to join hand written work.


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