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If you need our contact number then answer the following. Just email us your answer in same sequence with correct numbering. If all of your answers will be correct then only mobile number will be shared in reply to your email with answers. Any doubt/query which are not answered on website only those can be solved on call/whats’app.

This step is not necessary if you wish to join directly. Complete joining procedures. Support number, email will be sent to you with assignment.

You can find answers of these questions on website, and also in application form pdf/word file. This step has been taken to prevent spam (time wasters).

  1. What is the nature of this job (typing, copy-paste, writing, others)?
  2. One project requires how many pages (aprox.) to be completed?
  3. How much you will be paid on per page basis?
  4. What are the modes of payment for your salary?
  5. What is total time duration given for one project?
  6. Can you get extra time?
  7. Is there any penalty for extra time?
  8. When and how to request for extra time?
  9. where to submit application form?
  10. How many total points are mentioned in application form (PDF/WORD file)?
  11. What is written in the point number 9 of application form (PDF/WORD file)?
  12. What is written in the point number 10 of application form (PDF/WORD file)?
  13. How to submit your project?