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Frequently Asked Question

@What is notes writing ?

Notes writing is home based job. You will receive books with instruction manual at your home. You just have to copy down text as per instruction. No editing, no modification, no diagram. Project will be dispatched by courier and same way you have to send completed work.

@Do we need computer/laptop ?

No, this job doesn’t require computer. It is writing work, not typing.

@Who can do it ?

Anyone who has readable handwriting. There are no special requirements.

Do I have to come to any specific location for this job ?
Not at all.
It is available for everyone. You can work from anywhere in the world.

@Which type of books you give to write notes ?

Books related to literature, medical, economics, engineering, medical…etc.

@How to apply ?
To apply download application form here, fill up and email to us at CC :
There are to formats WORD and PDF. Use format as per your convenience. You can fill up form directly in your device or you can take print out and fill up. Scan it or take photo by phone camera and email to us. However you can also apply online.

Please download and read form as more details you can find there.

@Is there any registration fee ?
Nope !
Enrollment is totally free.

@When will we receive work ?
Usually we dispatch work Within 7-10 working days after receiving your complete documentation.

@How page is counted ?
If you write on single side of sheet, it is counted as one page and if you write on both sides of sheet then it is counted as two pages.

@How do we get paid ?

There is option in application form to choose payout mode. You can choose DD/CHEQUE/NEFT/UPI/e-wallet such as PAYTM mode of payment to receive your earnings.

@In this computerized era, what is the use of handwritten notes ?

These notes are asked to be written in loose sheets. Notes of same topics are collected from different books of different writers. When written in loose sheets, it makes easy to edit. Those collected notes are edited and re-published in new title so that there is no copyright claim.

Some notes are also used for students.

@Will there be any contract ?

Yes, there will be eleven months contract.

@Can we quit/pause anytime ?

Yes, you can quit by sending email request. It will be approved within 15 working days if there is no incomplete work with you.
If you have some other work, functions at home or you will not be able to devote time for certain period then you can pause your work by sending email request. It will be approved within 15 working days if there is no incomplete work with you. Whenever you want to resume just intimate us by email, your next project will be sent within 10 working days.

@What happens when term of eleven months is over ?

You can renew it free of cost just by sending email.


@We are from other place, how we can do this ?

You can join. We will send the books by courier and after completion you need to submit by courier.

@Is there any time limit ?

Yes, of course.

There is 25 days time limit. It should reach us on or before 25th day. If you need you can request for extra time.

@When the first day is counted ?

The day you receive the courier is counted as first day.

@What to do if we are unable to complete the work within 25 days ?

In such case you need to send an email request for time extension. Read rules for extension here

@Who will bear paper, writing material, courier…etc charges ?

Company bears all such charges. Writing material i.e all stationary you have to purchase on your own. When you submit project you have to submit original bills of these materials and courier charges. It will be included in your payment.


  1. Bhakti Shah

    How do I apply for this job? I’ve downloaded the application form

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    Dear sir/madam
    I interested in this job…. can I do this job?

  3. Bhuvana

    I wud like to apply for this much do you pay per page? I prefer NEFT for payment IOB

    • Neetha

      I am interested this job

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        I am interested in this job

  4. Hamsalekha

    I want to do this job,send payments through cheque

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    I am interested in the job

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    Interested in this job… Let me know how to get started

  7. Shreni Jain Doshi

    Payment per pahe is not mentioned above.

  8. Hiteshi Patel

    How much pay per page?

  9. Tarali Choudhury

    I am interested in doing the job. Please do assign one as I am interested to work from home.

    • madhavi

      I am interested in this project work pls assign me the work details

    • Charu Dutt

      how much is per page charged

    • Mallesha M S

      Dear Sirs, one suggestion please.. There are three types of writing materials I., (1`) In Pen (2) Gel Pen (3) Do Pen / Ball Pen. Which Pen can we use pleasereply

    • Kamal Kant

      I am interested for this work please tell about what is per page payment

    • Anusha

      How much would be the pay? As in pay per page or is it a package?

  10. Chanda ray

    I am just going to join it soon because it is very beneficial for a student to improve handwriting,writing skill and to earn money.

    • Anushree kulshrestha

      How much pay for one page

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      I’m interested in this work may I get some guidelines

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