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Frequently Asked Question

@What is notes writing ?

Notes writing is home based job. You will receive books with instruction manual. You just have to copy down text as per instruction. No editing, no modification, no diagram.

@Who can do it ?

Anyone who has readable handwriting.

@Which types of books you give to write notes ?

Books related to literature, medical, economics, engineering, medical…etc.

@How to apply ?
To apply download application form here, fill up and email to us at CC :
There are to formats WORD and PDF. Use format as per your convenience. You can fill up form directly in your device or you can take print out and fill up. Scan it or take photo by phone camera and email to us.

@When will we receive work ?
Usually we dispatch work Within two working days after receiving your complete documentation.
If you submit form on any business day by 12.30 PM then most probably same day your work will be dispatched.

@How page is counted ?
If you write on single side of sheet, it is counted as one page and if you write on both sides of sheet then it is counted as two pages.

@How do we get paid ?

There is option in application form to choose payout mode. You can choose DD/CHEQUE/NEFT/PAYTM mode of payment to receive your earnings.

@In this computerized era, what is the use of handwritten notes ?

These notes are asked to be written in loose sheets. Notes of same topics are collected from different books of different writers. When written in loose sheets, it makes easy to edit. Those collected notes are edited and re-published in new title so that there is no copyright claim.

Some notes are also used for students.

@Will there be any contract ?

Yes, there will be eleven months contract.

@Can we quit anytime ?

Yes, you can quit by sending email request. It will be approved if there is no incomplete work with you.

@What happens when term of eleven months is over ?

You can renew it just by sending email.

@How many plans do you have ?

There are two plans.

@Can we change plans in middle ?

No, unless your term is over neither you can upgrade nor downgrade.

@We are from other place, how we can do this ?

You can join. We will send the books by courier and after completion you need to submit by courier.

@Is there any time limit ?

Yes, of course.

There is 25 days time limit. It should reach us on or before 25th day.

@When the first day is counted ?

The day you receive the courier is counted as first day.

@What to do if we are unable to complete the work within 25 days ?

In such cases, if you are advance plan member, you need to send an email request for time extension 5-7 days prior to submission date. Neither too early nor too late. Most possible time extension will be awarded to you.




57 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. Bhupesh Chopra says:


    You will send us the book’s and we will write down the notes (as per guidelines & details)from the book’s provided by you. Correct me if I am wrong.



    1. admin says:

      yes, correct.

  2. Vijayalakshmi says:

    Hello! You’ll provide us with materials which should be written along with the materials do you send the instructions regarding the way of writing i.e. whether to be written in caps or small or to be written in cursive or non cursive. Do you?

    1. admin says:

      Yes, correct.

  3. Stevina Dabre says:

    Hello Sir / Madam How much we have to pay as security deposit pls inform

    1. admin says:

      Download application form for more details.

  4. Deepak Srestha says:

    My handwriting differs and most over my hand shivers which make the work illegible , can I join ? Can I use computer for writing the notes ?

    1. admin says:

      No computer.
      Only handwriting.
      Any readable handwriting will work.

  5. payal jaipuria says:

    pls inform if we hav to submit any more details apart from the application form like age proof etc

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